Why the Left Has Become Violent

The upsurge in politically-related violence, both verbal and physical, since the election of 2016 is painfully obvious.

Frustration and embarrassment are the key reasons for the unwanted development. Over the past eight years, the results of the most hard-Left administration in U.S. history have provided the U.S. with a doubled national debt (and little to show for all that spending), a sharply reduced level of national security, a crumbling middle class, and racial relations worse than at any time since the end of segregation.

To make matters worse for Progressives, as they prefer to be called, the actions of their international heroes, including Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, can no longer be hidden.  Maduro, who has received extensive praise from both Hollywood and Political leftists, including examples such as Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Joseph Kennedy, is starving and oppressing his nation.

Much praise was heaped on the Obama Administration for opening up relations with Cuba. After fulfilling the leftists dream of renewed diplomatic and some economic contacts with the Communist Havana regime, however, the results have been bad.  The Russians are sending spy ships to the island nation, the Cuban people are as oppressed as ever, and those American diplomats sent to Havana have been subjected to brutal assaults. The Washington Times  describes the attack: “acoustic attack on U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba is ‘unprecedented,” State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said … after revelations that American employees have suffered severe health problems including mild brain injury and damage to the central nervous system believed to have come from exposure inaudible high-pitch sound.”

Despite the clearly terrible results of leftist support for Castro and Maduro, there has been little attempt to question American politicians and celebrities who were so obviously wrong in their support.

Left-leaning internet and social media giants continue to betray freedom-seeking people in China and Cuba by caving in to totalitarian demands for censorship.

President Obama’s “give peace a chance” foreign policy, which including the reduction of the Pentagon budget, a premature withdrawal from Iraq, an announced departure date from Afghanistan, and, overall, a pullback from American leadership in international affairs, produced awful results.  Russia and China have taken advantage of the change to dramatically expand their militaries, and invade neighbors.  ISIS grew to become the most powerful terrorist group in history, and the Taliban regained strength in Afghanistan.

Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. The U.S. economy, weakened by the Great Recession which was the result of left wing policies forcing financial institutions to provide loans to those without credible means of repayment, was further damaged by continued progressive policies.

The Democrat Party, now thoroughly controlled by the Left, lacks the willpower to move away from their extremism and failures.  They continue to cherish politicians like Rep Keith Ellison (D-Minn., vice chair of the DNC) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) who espouse failed radical positions, and reducing the application of the First Amendment.

National Review notes: “There is never a reckoning for the Left. An entire generation of American intellectuals found itself enraptured by the brutal, repressive, terroristic political apparatus of the Soviet Union — not only journalistic enablers like Walter Duranty of the Times and the various Hollywood reds and Communist party operatives, but the purportedly enlightened liberals at The New Republic, who were consistent apologists for Soviet brutality at home and abroad at the height of Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror. Scores of Americans, some of them in high government office, were working on behalf of one of history’s most murderous and repressive regimes — and the bad guys in that story are, in the popular imagination, the people who worked to expose that conspiracy, rather than the people who worked to advance it.”

The sympathetic media has largely ignored the abundant diplomatic, military, economic and social failures of the left. It doesn’t discuss Ellison’s antisemitism.  It doesn’t expose the bizarre statements of politicians who provide continual excuses for allowing illegal immigration to bust government budgets and ramp up violent crime.

The voters, however, have noticed. They have largely ousted the party of the left from the White House, and from the majority in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. Republicans also control 68 state legislative bodies, while Democrats hold just 31.  The GOP now has 34 of the 50 state governorships, as well.

Rejected by the electorate, and with only negative results from their policies, the left has veered from politics and policies to violence and lies, in the streets, on college campuses, and in censorship tactics on the internet.

The promotion of racial animosity is among the unsavory tactics of desperation employed by the Left, an attempt to portray anyone disagreeing with them as racist. The libels and slanders recklessly levelled at their political opponents are now being fought in the courts.

There is some irony here.  The Democrat Party, now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Left, has been, historically, the party that promoted both slavery and segregation.  One of its foremost leaders was Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), the longest serving member in Congress, who had been a member of the KKK. There has been little discussion of taking his statue down.

The media has extensively publicized isolated instances of non-leftist violence at contentious political events, but it has intentionally ignored the well-financed, organized, frequent and abundant acts of planned violence by left wing groups across the nation.