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Redskins, Women, & the Media
Posted on Saturday September 20, 2014

The media’s coverage of sports events provides a fascinating insight into how those who report use the news for political ends. Throughout sports history, a number of teams have honored or commemorated certain groups by adopting their names.  The fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The Minnesota Vikings. Even the most renowned sports franchise, the New […]

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The President’s Executive Action on Carbon Emissions
Posted on Monday June 30, 2014

The June roll out of the White House executive action to cut power plant emissions has been met by support from environmental and kindred political groups. The nation’s 600 Coal-fired plants are the biggest target. If fully enacted, according to a Bloomberg report, coal’s share of energy generation would be reduced from 40% to 14%. […]

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Vernuccio/Allison Report Moves to New Time!
Posted on Tuesday September 09, 2014

The Vernuccio Allison Report is moving to a new time! Join us each WEDNESDAY morning at 10 am on, anyplace in the world.  You can also tune in on broadcast radio in the following cities: Las Vegas, Nevada (1520am & 107.1 fm,) Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1640 am & 102.1fm),  Tampa, FL. (1630 am, 102.1 fm),  Macon Georgia ( 810 am & 98.3 […]