Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D., is editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government, writer and voice of the syndicated radio feature Minute Report for America,® and the co-host of the nationally heard Vernuccio/Allison Report. He has served in both Republican and Democrat administrations on the state and local levels. For media interviews/inquiries on articles presented, contact Frank Vernuccio at

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A State of Disgrace
Posted on Monday January 26, 2015

The recent federal indictment of New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver highlighted the mismanagement and corruption in what was once called the “Empire State.” Once the most powerful state in the Union, New York, despite possessing favorable geographic assets, abundant natural resources, and a well- educated population, has been laid low by elected officials […]

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Will increased federal spending on education truly produce substantial results?
Posted on Saturday January 24, 2015

Americans are dissatisfied with the disappointing results from their educational system. Many seek to resolve that issue by increased spending. A number of salient questions must be raised regarding the concept, not the least of which is affordability.  With the nation’s debt doubling during the current Administration and now standing at over $18 trillion, with […]

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Reza Kahlili, Iranian Patriot, on the Vernuccio/Novak Report
Posted on Wednesday January 21, 2015

Our guest for the upcoming Vernuccio/Novak report is Reza Kahlili. “Reza Kahlili”  is the pseudonym of a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member who worked undercover as a CIA agent for several years. He frequently risked exposure and finally  managed to leave Iran. His clandestine activities continued in Europe before he and his family  moved tothe U.S. […]

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