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The Motives of Those Refusing to Comply with Election Integrity Measures, Part 2

The New York Analysis of Policy & Government concludes its examination of the reasons given by those refusing to comply with the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

One prominent official refusing to comply with  The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’s is Virginia’s Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe.  In a statement, he announced that he will not provide the information requested. “I have no intention of honoring this request. Virginia conducts fair, honest, and democratic elections.”

Virginia, an important swing state, was one of the most active jurisdictions for questionable voting tactics. Governor McAuliffe sought to overturn his states’ law against ex-felons voting without going through the state legislature by a questionable use of his executive pardon powers. The Virginia Democrat’s rough and tumble antics didn’t stop there.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation  released a report which found that voting fraud “is…much worse than simple ineffective governance…Virginia state election officials are obstructing access to public records that reveal the extent to which non-citizens are participating in…elections…the information from a few counties demonstrates a massive problem. In our small sample of just eight Virginia counties who responded to our public inspection requests, we found 1046 aliens who registered to vote illegally. The problem is most certainly exponentially worse because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities. Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony. Again, this is from just a small sampling of Virginia counties. Each of the aliens we have discovered to have registered or voted has likely committed a felony…In Virginia, like most states, there is no formal program for identifying non-citizen registrants…The most alien votes were cast in 2012, followed by 2008, the year President Obama was elected to his first term…Most discoveries of non-citizens on the registration rolls are accidental or chance. What this means is that the number of registered non-citizens thus far identified by this investigation is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’… One culprit…is glaringly obvious—federal and state voter registration forms, which ask registrants to affirm their citizenship with nothing more than the check of a box. No documentary proof of citizenship must be shown…States that have tried to remedy this problem by asking registrants to prove their citizenship with documentary proof have uniformly been stonewalled by litigation brought [during the Obama presidency] Department of Justice and legions of attorneys working with left-leaning voter groups committed to keeping ineligible voters on the rolls. This report demonstrates the serious problem that unelected election officials have refused to address and even conspired to hide…”

The Obama Administration was ardently opposed to measures designed to insure honest balloting. A newly appointed member of the Commission, Hans Von Spakovsky, described how “The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) had moved to allow Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, and Arizona to enforce their proof-of-citizenship voter-registration requirement. The Obama Justice Department moved against the action, [which was] part of its ongoing goal of allowing illegals to vote and to allow other voting violations to occur.”

Also in 2016, the True the Vote organization pleaded unsuccessfully with the DOJ to move against a clear-cut caser of alien voting. In a letter to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District Annette L. Hayes, Catherine Engelbrect, the organization’s chief, provided information concerning a specific case of non-citizen voting: “As you know, 18 U.S.C. § 611 prohibits ‘any alien’ from participating in federal elections… the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires individuals wishing to register to affirm their U.S. citizenship. The Washington State voter registration form also expressly notes that those unable to attest to the same shall ‘not complete this form.’  According to most recent data available from the Washington Secretary of State, [an alien described by name and address in the letter] registered to vote on September 27, 2014 and proceeded to cast and be credited for votes in the 2014 General, 2015 General and 2016 Primary.”

In the face of significant evidence about voter fraud and other inappropriate election activities, particularly concerning illegal immigrant voting, the refusal to consider remedial and protective measures is highly unreasonable.  In an attempt to explain their actions, those opposing corrective measures have charged racism.

The Regional News Network notes that “The status quo, with its laughably lax requirement of a mere verbal ‘pledge’ that an individual is a citizen, doesn’t cut it. ..Democratic politicians see an opportunity to cast Republicans as racists…Canada…requires citizens to show proof of address to vote. Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland all require some proof of identification to vote. In the Netherlands, where practically everything is legal, voters need to show both a government issued polling notification and a photo ID in order to vote…Indeed, most other countries in the civilized world look at the United States in disbelief that we don’t require proof of identification to vote. Even our own bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform recommended a voter ID requirement when they issued their comprehensive recommendations in 2005. Their report called voter identification one of “five pillars” that would “build confidence” in the integrity of federal elections… that Commission was co-chaired by…Jimmy Carter.”

Wide scale opposition by the Democrat National Committee and key Democrat leaders to measures intended to insure honest balloting, including picture ID, contradict the party’s own practices in internal matters.  Picture ID’s were required for Democrat delegates seeking entry onto the convention floor of their own presidential convention in Philadelphia.

The Motives of Those Refusing to Comply with Election Integrity Measures

The New York Analysis of Policy & Government examines the reasons given by those refusing to comply with the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in this two-part review.

Some state officials are refusing to comply with The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’s request for information. Their motives need to be examined.

The Commission was established by an Executive Order on March 11, 2017.  Its purpose is to study laws, rules, policies, activities, strategies, and practices that enhance the American people’s confidence in the integrity of the voting processes used in Federal elections; what actions undermine public confidence in the voting process; and what vulnerabilities exist in the system that could lead to improper voter registrations and improper voting, including fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting.

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State and Vice Chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity  describes the Commission’s initial action. “On June 28, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity issued a letter requesting that states provide publicly available voter data as permitted under their state laws. At present, 20 states have agreed to provide the publicly available information requested by the Commission and another 16 states are reviewing which information can be released under their state laws. In all, 36 states have either agreed or are considering participating with the Commission’s work to ensure the integrity of the American electoral system…14 states and the District of Columbia have refused the Commission’s request for publicly available voter information.”

The reasons for the Commission’s existence are clear and ample.

In a 2012 study, the Pew Center on the States found “millions of voter registration records nationwide that are either inaccurate or no longer valid…based on data [indicating] a voter died, moved, or had been inactive from 2004 to March 2011.” The study revealed that 2,758,578 individuals were registered to vote in more than one state. In addition, “12.7 million records nationwide…appear to be out of date and no longer reflect the voter’s current information, more than 1.8 million records for people who are no longer living, but have active registrations on voter rolls, and 12 million records with incorrect addresses…once duplicates among categories are eliminated, approximately 24 million registration records, or nearly 13% of the national total, are estimated to be inaccurate or no longer valid.”

During 2016, news reports and studies verified the reality of voter fraud, and the growing influence of illegal aliens. Here’s a sampling:

  • The Dallas News  Complaints have been filed that in early voting, votes cast for Trump have been ‘switched’ by faulty machines into votes for Clinton.
  • The Washington Post:  “a group of undocumented immigrants is knocking on doors in Northern Virginia in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates…The vote-seekers are some of the 750,000 recipients of temporary legal status under the Obama administration’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. …‘All DACA recipients should take this on as an added responsibility, to change the power structure,’ said Luis Angel Aguilar, 28, who received his protected status in 2013 and is helping to coordinate the effort. ‘Our voices need to be heard”
  • Project Veritas:  NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin stated at a United Federation of Teachers party that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City…”Schulkin, a Democrat, said that to effectuate illegal voting, people are bussed to various polling sites. He places a blame on NYC’s radical-left Mayor de Blasio.  “He gave out ID cards. De Blasio. That’s in lieu of a driver’s license, but you can use it for anything. But, they didn’t vet people to see who they really are. Anybody can go in there and say I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card. It’s absurd. There’s a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud.”
  • A Science Direct white paper notes: “We find that some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections. Non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”
  • The Gateway Pundit’s  examination of a wikileaks release finds that Clinton campaign chief John Podesta stated it was OK for illegals to vote if they have a drivers license . The quote: John Podesta:  On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.
  • California: Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation allowing convicted felons the right to vote.
  • Some threats were prevented. Click Orlando reports that “A federal judge has rejected the Florida Democratic Party’s request to let people cast a ballot during early voting even if their registration application hasn’t been verified.”

The Report concludes tomorrow.

Non-citizen Voting Evidence Expands

The news that Victor David Garcia Bebek, a noncitizen in Kansas, has pleaded guilty to three counts of voting unlawfully in 2012 and 2014 has implications far beyond a single state or a single incident

Denial of voter fraud has been a mantra of the left for some time, even as reports of clear and evident voting and voting registration fraud have become available.  Columnist Pamela Gellar has noted that “Voter fraud is rampant. Were the full extent of it known, I am sure it would shock the world.”

It is not surprising that the prosecution arose in Kansas. The “Sunflower State” is the only one of the fifty that empowers its secretary of state to prosecute election law violations.

The Obama Administration engaged in consistent and significant efforts to prevent the detection and prosecution of these crimes. Leftist politicians are keenly aware that new arrivals to the U.S., especially those that come illegally, vote Democrat.

Indeed, not only did the Obama White House fail in its duty to prevent violations of the law, it actually encouraged this activity by moving with great force to foster the conditions that allow voter fraud to occur.  J. Christian Adams, an attorney in the voting rights section of the Department of Justice, has written that the Obama Administration killed any moves to address voter fraud, and specifically hired attorneys “whose main career experience was in subverting voting laws…”  Harassing state officials who sought to insure accurate balloting by imposing identification requirements, and cleaning up voter rolls, became an obsession of the Obama’s Justice Department

Hans Von Spakovsky, writing in National Review last year as the Presidential contest moved into gear,  described how “The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) had moved to allow Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, and Arizona to enforce their proof-of-citizenship voter-registration requirement. The Obama Justice Department moved against the action, part of its ongoing goal of allowing illegals to vote and to allow other voting violations to occur.”

Also in 2016, the True the Vote organization pleaded unsuccessfully with the DOJ to move against a clear-cut caser of alien voting. A letter to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District Annette L. Hayes, Catherine Engelbrect, the organization’s chief, provided information concerning a specific case of non-citizen voting:

“As you know, 18 U.S.C. § 611 prohibits ‘any alien’ from participating in federal elections

while the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires individuals wishing to register to affirm their U.S. citizenship. The Washington State voter registration form also expressly notes that those unable to attest to the same shall ‘not complete this form.’  According to most recent data available from the Washington Secretary of State, [an alien described by name and address in the letter] registered to vote on September 27, 2014 and proceeded to cast and be credited for votes in the 2014 General, 2015 General and 2016 Primary. His voter registration at the time of this letter’s submission is still listed as Active, according to public records…”

In 2015, the New York Analysis of Policy and Government reported that “State officials are raising an alarm about the potential for noncitizen, unlawful voting to substantially affect upcoming elections.  This is a major issue when considering the significant numbers of illegals entering and remaining in the United States, particularly during the tenure of the Obama Administration.”

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted wrote a letter  to the White House protesting Obama’s policy, stating:

“I write regarding the consequences the recent Immigration Accountability Executive Actions may have on the administration of federal and state elections. Consistent with federal and state law, states are responsible for ensuring the integrity of our elections. As a swing state with access to voting that is already expansive, Ohio takes this responsibility very seriously. In spite of our diligence maintaining accurate voter registration rolls, however, the recent executive actions could jeopardize their integrity by making it much easier for people who are not U.S. citizens to illegally register and cast ballots…

“The source of the problem is that the recent executive actions enable millions of non-U.S. citizens to obtain valid Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses. Under federal law, any person with a valid Social Security number or driver’s license can register to vote, so long as they attest to their eligibility to do so.1 As a result, the recent executive actions dramatically expand the opportunities for illegal voter registrations in Ohio and other states by non-citizen voters who have valid forms of identification and who willingly or negligently affirm their eligibility to vote. This problem is especially serious in the context of third-party voter registration drives, which are prevalent in Ohio and other states. Such drives occur outside of the presence of election officials who could explain that citizenship—not mere lawful presence—is a fundamental requirement for registering to vote and who can caution non-citizens against erroneous attestations.

“In short, by enabling millions of non-citizens to access valid forms of the types of identification required to register to vote, the recent executive actions have increased the risk that non-citizens may illegally register to vote and vote in our elections…”

The effort by left-wing and progressive politicians to ignore voting fraud, and to protect the environment that allows this brand of crime to be committed, has become the greatest challenge to America’s electoral system.

Voting Fraud Encouraged by Left

The news, first reported by NBC’s Seattle affiliate, that the perpetrator of the Cascade Mall mass shooting, an immigrant from Turkey who was not a citizen but voted anyway, is the latest detail highlighting the massive voter fraud crisis facing the 2016 election. It also raises questions why the Democrat Party continues to fight against reasonable and appropriate measures to address the problem.

According to the news station “The Cascade Mall shooting suspect, Arcan Cetin, may face an additional investigation related to his voting record and citizenship status. Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary. While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn’t require proof of citizenship. Therefore elections officials say the state’s elections system operates, more or less, under an honor system.”

The news comes in the aftermath of a report by Colorado’s KCNC-TV,  a CBS affiliate,  that “exposed multiple instances in recent years where dead Coloradans were still voting.

True the Vote adds that mail ballot fraud is on the rise, as well.

These reports are only the very latest in repeated studies and analyses (previously reported in detail by the New York Analysis of Policy and Government) by objective sources that voting and voter registration fraud is rampant.

What may be an intentional refusal to update voter registration rolls allows the significant amount of fraud to be perpetuated. A Washington Times examination  of voters who moved out of the Nation’s capital to Prince George County in Maryland found that “The list of voters with names so unusual that there has been only one in the District and one in Prince George’s and who are listed as voting in both jurisdictions in the 2012 election is in the thousands. In an examination of 85, The Times confirmed through interviews and other public records that 15 were in fact the same person…Indeed, the list of Prince George’s voters with unusual names that match those on voter rolls in the District was far longer, at 13,000…The biggest risk of having nonresidents listed on the rolls is not the risk of people voting twice themselves, but of others appropriating their names by the hundreds…They are easy targets for those who would cast votes in other people’s names in bulk, often by absentee ballot, after scanning the list for names of people who hadn’t voted in years and would therefore not show up to hear that their vote already had been cast.”

True the Vote reports that despite nationwide-wide instances of voter fraud, Democrats continue to oppose reasonable measures to insure the sanctity of the ballot. After the Republican-controlled Missouri legislature passed a bill requiring phot ID for voting, Democrat governor Jay Nixon vetoed the measure. Governor Nixon’s partisan move was unsuccessful, since the legislature mustered sufficient votes to override the veto.

State measures still face opposition from federal courts, dominated by Democrat appointees. A recent DC Circuit decision placed an injunction prohibiting several states from requiring proof of citizenship on federal voter registration forms.

The Clinton campaign has been particularly active in recruiting non-citizens into the election process. An August  Washington Examiner article noted that the Democrat nominee initiated an program to use undocumented aliens as a “voter registration army.”

Julia Porterfield, writing in National Review notes that “Marc Elias, the lead lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, was among those who filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin challenging the state’s voter-ID law. … Following widespread voter-registration fraud in the 2008 presidential election, many states led by Republican governors quickly moved to pass voter-ID laws in an attempt to ensure the integrity of future elections.” There is an association between the Clinton Family Foundation, Porterfield reports, and ACORN, which has been accused of rampant voter registration fraud. The Clinton Family Foundation donated $10,000 to the group.

Roger Vadum, writing in Polizette, notes that “Voter fraud is commonplace in elections in America today. It has always been around to varying degrees because completely eliminating this kind of crime is impossible. The most policymakers can do is create laws and policies that attempt to minimize it. But this is where people on the Right and Left differ. Conservatives think fighting voter fraud is important; liberals and progressives don’t care …The Left promotes voter fraud by fighting electoral integrity laws in the courts, often enjoying great success… some officials are hostile to election observers from nonpartisan good government groups like True the Vote monitoring their polling precincts. The Left labels such attempts to keep elections honest ‘voter intimidation.’

The Democrats no-holds barred approach to the 2016 election can also be seen in the legislation recently signed by California Governor Jerry Brown allowing felons waiting to be released the right to vote from their jail cells.

Illegal immigrants voting: a campaign 2016 issue

A recent Rasmussen poll  indicates that a majority of Democrats believe illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. According to the poll, “one-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (35%) now believes that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote if they can prove they live in this country and pay taxes. Sixty percent (60%) disagree, while five percent (5%) are undecided.  Fifty-three percent (53%) of Democrats think tax-paying illegal immigrants should have the right to vote. Twenty-one percent (21%) of Republicans and 30% of voters not affiliated with either major political party agree… Women are more supportive than men of letting tax-paying illegal immigrants vote, but the two are in general agreement that the size of voting districts should be determined by counting only the number of eligible voters.” (The Supreme Court will soon decide whether illegals should be counted in determining the size of districts.)

Earlier this year, state election officials testified before Congress that President Obama’s    temporary deportation amnesty plans would make it easier for illegals to vote, since the illegals would have access to social security cards and drivers licenses.

The issue has been introduced into the 2016 Presidential campaign by Hillary Clinton, who has made allegations of voter suppression supposedly at the hands of Republicans.  On May 31, according to the New York Times, Clinton “accused Republicans including her potential rivals Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rick Perry of ‘deliberately trying to stop’ young people and minorities — both vital Democratic constituencies — from exercising their right to vote. She called for automatic voter registration in every state when young people turn 18, criticized Republican-sponsored voting laws in North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin, and urged Congress to take immediate action to reinstate an important provision of the Voting Rights Act that she said the Supreme Court had “eviscerated” in a 2013 ruling…In addition to areas she said needed to be addressed, like easier online registration, shorter lines at polling precincts and a minimum of 20 days for early voting before an election, Mrs. Clinton called for a nationwide law modeled on one recently passed in Oregon that automatically adds voters to the rolls when they turn 18, using driver’s license data. Residents would have to opt out to avoid being added to the voter rolls.”

Those tolerant of illegal immigrant voting often camouflage their arguments by stating that voter ID laws, meant to discourage unlawful voting of any sort, are being aimed at young people or minorities. There is no evidence to back up that assertion.  Indeed, Judicial Watch  has found that in a case study in North Carolina, minority voter turnout actually increased since the passage of North Carolina’s election integrity bill.

Fraudulent voting is not confined to illegal immigrants. In 2012, reports the Washington Examiner,  Wendy Rosen, The Democratic candidate for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District , was forced to end her candidacy  after it was discovered that she committed voter fraud by casting a ballot in both Maryland and Florida in multiple political contests. Her story is similar to an incident in Connecticut reported by the Washington Times. “State Rep. Christina Ayala of Connecticut, a Democrat from Bridgeport, was caught voting early and often. She has been charged with 19 felony counts. Her arrest forced Connecticut Democrats to adopt a new and revised message: Election fraud doesn’t occur — but when it does, we won’t tolerate it. ‘While everyone is entitled to their day in court,’ says Connecticut Secretary of State Denise W. Merrill, ‘voter fraud is a very serious crime, for which we have zero tolerance.”

Authoritative studies previously reported by the New York Analysis of Policy & Government have provided evidence of extensive voter registration fraud, and a reluctance or inability on the part of officials to confront the issue.

Conservative commentator Phyllis Schlafly Believes that “Hillary Clinton …[has] apparently decided it won’t be enough to rely on the 66 million people who voted twice for Barack Obama…Who are the new voters to whom Hillary wants to give ‘access to the ballot box’? They include felons and non-citizens, along with anyone who can’t prove identity, citizenship, or residence within the voting precinct. She also plans to harvest millions of new votes by expanding the dangerous practices of same-day registration and early voting, which enable Democrats to badger, berate, bribe, or bamboozle reluctant, low-information voters to the polls. Democratic Party and union workers can identify reluctant voters and harass them until the party worker verifies that they have actually cast their ballot.

“Arizona, which is on the front lines of illegal immigration, has been trying to require proof of citizenship as part of voter registration ever since that simple requirement was approved by Arizona’s voters in 2004. The Obama administration refused to add the proof-of-citizenship requirement to the federal form that Arizona must use for motor-voter registrations. Hillary has assigned her top lawyer to sue Wisconsin to overturn its effective Voter I.D. law, one of the best in the nation. But that’s not all. The New York Times just reported that the left-wing Hungarian billionaire, George Soros, has agreed to pour $5 million into a national effort to protect and expand early voting.”

Preventing illegal immigrants from unlawfully voting is not an easy task. The Washington Times  reported that “secretaries of state from Ohio and Kansas said they won’t have the tools to sniff out illegal immigrants who register anyway, ignoring stiff penalties to fill out the registration forms that are easily available at shopping malls, motor vehicle bureaus and in curbside registration drives. Anyone registering to vote attests that he or she is a citizen, but Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said mass registration drives often aren’t able to give due attention to that part, and so illegal immigrants will still get through. Kansas Secretary of State Kris W. Kobach said even some motor vehicle bureau workers automatically ask customers if they want to register to vote, which some noncitizens in the past have cited as their reason for breaking the law to register.”

Obama’s Illegal Immigration Priority

President Obama wants to allow a large number of illegal immigrants to stay within America,  but the recent election gives the public opinion edge to those who prioritize securing the border first. The President not only appears unwilling to compromise, but seeks to accomplish his goal through constitutionally questionable executive action.  Why does he adhere to such a hard position in light of the extraordinary defeat handed to his party—which supports his immigration policies?

The answer has everything to do with election vulnerability. Beset by high unemployment, a federal budget strained to the breaking point caused in part by spending aimed more at winning votes than in meeting national needs, a foreign policy in complete disarray, numerous serious scandals, and a suite of strategies on domestic issues that the voters clearly reject including divisive tactics on racial and gender issues, the Obama-left knows that its popularity is rapidly disintegrating.  It’s only hope lies, quite bluntly, in stuffing the ballot box, particularly in key precincts, with the substantial numbers of unlawful votes that the Democrat Party will wring from the illegals.

The tactic goes hand-in-hand with the White House’s vehement objection to voter id laws.  There is no substantive evidence that requiring picture id to insure honest balloting in any way, shape, manner or form has any harmful side effects, and particularly none regarding any racial bias.  There is, however, a massive body of evidence that the election process has been highly tainted by a panoply of fraudulent tactics, including false registrations, voting several times, altered voting machines, and voting by illegal aliens. By an overwhelming percentage, the chief beneficiary of these illegal practices has been the Democrat Party.

The President’s push for allowing illegal aliens to stay has nothing to do with compassion, and everything to do with fraud.

In its drive to stuff the ballot box, the President has willingly suspended appropriate Constitutional procedure. There is no legal basis for the President to enact legislative-like measures simply because “Congress refuses to act” on a Presidential priority. The White House contention that prior presidents also acted unilaterally on amnesty just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.  Reagan acted in response to the 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act. The Bush (41) Administration revised technical aspects.  Neither engaged in any wide-scale, legislative like action similar to the current Obama attempt.

More Reports of Early Election Problems

 Reports  of potential fraud in the 2014 early voting process continue to come in.  Similar to the Cook County, Illinois problem we reported earlier, a Anne Arundel County, Maryland polling site has come under scrutiny for electronically placing votes cast for Republicans into the Democrat column.

A 2012 Scientific American report quoted by Verified Voting .org  asked: “In an age of electronic banking and online college degrees, why hasn’t the rest of the nation gone to voting on touchscreen computers? The reason is simple and resonates with the contentious debate that has yet to be resolved after at least 15 years of wrangling over the issue of electronic voting. No one has yet figured out a straightforward method of ensuring that one of the most revered democratic institutions—in this case, electing a U.S. president—can be double checked for fraud, particularly when paperless e-voting systems are used.”

Concern has been expressed in numerous sources. A National Geographic study found shown that electronic voting machines are less reliable than paper ballots in accurately counting votes. The Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project, a study group set up to analyze elections dating back to 1988, found that old-fashioned lever machines were actually more accurate than electronic voting machines.

A Washington Post review of a test by a team of cyber security experts noted that “it would take only one person, with a sophisticated technical knowledge and timely access to the software that runs the voting machines, to change the outcome.”